‘Abuelas’ by Fernando Ganndini

Abuelas is a collection of portraits of old Guatemalan women painted by Fernando Ganndini. Inspired by the strength and charisma of his grandmother, Fernando set out to capture the spiritual magic and wisdom embodied in the faces of these women. Through these paintings he hoped to explore the different stages of life.

In ancient Mayan society, old women were related to the creation. “The animals went to Ixmucane, one of the old goddess, they offered to her, as a tribute, the product of their land. She took their gifts with kindness and she molded a human from it.”

In this collection Fernando sought to create a metaphor between the moon and the cycle of life. Ixchel, best known as the Mayan goddess of the moon, is represented as an old woman. The old woman embodies the final stage of life, the stage of wisdom. A time to embrace silence. A time to appreciate life and to prepare for transcendency.