In celebration of the Day of Batz, Gorilla Gallery organized an Art Walk in the town of San Marcos. The first edition of the Batz Art Walk featured visionary artists from the Cosmic Convergence Festival. A number of local businesses also participated and supported the event, such as Nectar, Tul y Sol, IL Giardino, Hostel Del Lago, Circles Cafe, Camino Cafe, and Vida. The artists that participated in the event are listed below:


Elisabeth Holt

Elisabeth Holt is a Danish born world citizen.  She has traveled the dusty roads and salty seas for the past five years taking her from Denmark to Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, United States and now Guatemala.  She is one of the lead decorators for this year’s Cosmic Convergence Festival responsible for the amazing organic decor that the festival has become famous for. Her photography captures the random and unique moments of a traveler's journey.  Her work is available as prints and the proceeds will go to fund more amazing adventures.



Juan Bautista Navichoc Pop was born and raised in the town of San Pedro de Laguna on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and studied fine art in the Escuela Nacional de Artes ENAP.  Juan's subjects incorporate his rich cultural heritage while showcasing his unique style of line drawing and watercolor like use of ink. 



Kai Cundith is a visionary artist and world traveler from Byron Bay, Australia on a mission to help us remember the magic of creation. His paintings tell stories from our ancestors’ ancestors, and the emerging ancient future to help people remember who they are, and what their heart’s calling is in contributing to  the new Earth. His works help connect us to the heart of the earth and creation, to bridge sky and Land. He travels the Earth’s song lines to sacred places around the world, absorbing the lore and wisdom of the land, then combines his experiences to channel unique visionary masterpieces for now and generations to come.



LITA LOVE  is a textile artist living in Costa Rica.  She creates her intricate handwoven designs on a floor loom using hand dyed natural yarns.  A weaver with 20 years of experience, she is currently pushing the boundaries of traditional weave structures with her own visionary approach and style.  

Her current body of work explores an evolution of  a traditional technique from colonial America called “name drafting”, in which a name or phrase is converted into a numeric code which then becomes the basis for the woven design.  In this complex design process, Lita creates a geometric pattern which holds the intention and energy of words like a secret message embedded into the weaving. Each piece is made entirely by hand and represents countless hours of intention, design and craftswomanship.  She is available for commissions,  installations, and artistic collaborations.

Vine of Spirits 24 Resized.JPG


Vajra is an artist and philosopher from southern california. His art weaves together influences from across time and space, drawing on timeless knowledge, ancient wisdom and contemporary science and thought-forms. While his paintings are all unique in their history and message, they share the common core of having been made for the collective evolution and wellbeing of all. While his paintings often speak for themselves, he shares his interpretation of everything he creates at his website, altaroftheheart.com

Cosmic Convergence Festival 2018 is blessed to have the artwork of Vajra for this edition’s official Festival artwork.  Due to the major losses Vajra and his partner experienced in last years wildfire of California losing all of his belongings and a large amount of his artwork he was unable to attend this years festival.  Please support this amazing visual artist by buying his art, tagging him in your posts and following him on Social Media.



Selva Bhairavi is an Italian visionary weaver, who works in fiber art and fashion. She loves to remix styles and cultures. After studying textile and fashion design in Milan, she worked for many years for a prestigious brand. Eventually, she gave that up and decided to leave and start traveling.

In 2010, she ended up in Guatemala, where the Mayan people live. She started to learn ancient Mayan artisanal techniques, like backstrap weaving and basketing. With that knowledge she began spinning natural fibers, learning about botanical dyes, psychedelic sacred plants, medicinal plants and local remedies, which she used to create medicinal tapestries, organic mandala and botanical illustrations, with organic elements.

After this first contact with the tribes, her path changed forever. She moved to Central America and started to collaborate on different projects with the local communities, where she continued to learn and share tribal art.

In 2010 she founded Conscious Convergence, a sustainable brand of clothing and accessories, made with indigenous handmade fabrics (Mayan, Guna). The goal of her brand is to support the local communities and the movement of slow and ethical fashion

Urchin Oddity.jpg


The visionary ink art of wonderharvest is rooted in deep ecology and earth magic, and reflects on nature as a vessel for the divine energy that is present in all forms of life. Her art draws on growth patterns, motion, vibratory fields, organic lines and textures to bring attention to the layers of intelligence and truth present in nature and to ask what humanity might learn from other life forms. In looking at nature as a mirror and a mentor for humanity, she seeks to inspire wonder, inspiration, and awareness of the innerconnectedness of all life on Earth.